What You Can Find in Our Articles

What You Can Find in Our Articles

Stress, frustration, social anxiety, lack of good manners, and no proper way of keeping yourself happy – these are just some of the ways in which most people would describe their lives. It sounds pretty gloomy, we know. But the good news is that many of the issues we tackled in these articles can be changed with a different attitude and a different perspective on the problem. Here is what you can read about.
“The Travel Bully” – if travel and having a good time is the highlight of anyone’s existence, like the ultimate reward, like champagne at a celebration, then these people will brag about only drinking champagne and they will make you feel bad about not having their resources and traveling as much as they do. We tell you why comparison is useless.
“Office Survival Guide” – nothing is harder than having to spend beautiful summer days stuck inside an office from 9 to 5, with the same people you spend your time with every day, the rest of the year. Here is one way to look at it and make it through the summer.
“Vacation plans on a budget” – compared to the image presented by the media, in which all people travel and throw money at everything, 80% of us are considered “poor” and only afford one major trip per year. This being the case, we gave you a few other ideas on how to enjoy summer, even from home.
“How to get a raise” – Stop looking for advice from people on the Internet who have no idea what they are doing! Here is what some managers have to say about it.
“Coping with rejection” – We believe this issue is much bigger than it should be. And we could control our reactions if only we knew a few things.
“Business etiquette” – the phrase “corporate jungle” does not imply that we need to behave like animals. There are still things that make the gentle-business-man. We are taking about things real professionals know and apply.
“Managing life events” – When you power through life, you miss out on a few events you should stop and celebrate. Also, find out how to handle other situations as well.

How Can Benefit from Reading This Content

Anyone can benefit from reading these articles. They were written with the sole purpose of helping people see things in a different light. And while we do not always have the energy or the time to do a research on life’s greatest problems and their certified solutions, some pieces of advice can let you take a step back, breathe, and get composure. If you are in a situation where you need this type of advice, then read away!

Takeaway from These Articles

While we do not assume that we have the answers to everything, we at least try to put things into perspective and get you to change your view on some of the daily problems you are facing. We also know that a problem never comes alone, which means that you will never have the luxury of dealing with one issue at a time and work through it the healthy way. What most of us end up doing is to invest a mere 5 minutes to all of life’s pressing issues, usually when the situation can no longer be pushed off.
Also, we know what our problems and concerns are. But we never get around to doing research and finding a way to solve them for good. We just let them pile and gnaw away at our mental health, like hungry baby birds constantly chirping. Oh, wait, doesn’t everybody do that? Scratch that. We don’t do that either. Who said we did?
Long story short, we do not give you the answers, only a perspective that might get you to change the attitude.