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TheBlueBrick.net is a site that is dedicated to the funnier side of life. Throughout this site, you will find several articles covering lolcats, videos that show the funny, weird and strange side of humans and animals alike, images, gifs and memes that will make you laugh all day long.

You will find images and videos of lolcats, animals and even humans that will not only amuse you, but also make you laugh. In today’s world when everything and everywhere is so chaotic, people are finding it difficult to find time for themselves. There is a lack of “me time”. This site wants to help you solve that problem. Whenever you have free time, whether in the office or in the house, you can visit this site and have some fun.

The site is updated on a regular basis, and if you want to become a contributor, you can do that too. You can submit stories, images, videos, gifs, memes and other stuff that you believe will make someone laugh or even smile. So be part of this website and share your ideas and stuff with others.

Apart from all the funny memes, gifs, videos and images, you will also get to read some amazing and funny stories based on real life incidents that will simply make your day. If you have come across any such incidents, then you are welcome to share your experience with others on this site. Otherwise feel free to spend some time on the site and keep smiling.