How to Plan Your Summer Around that Short Vacation and Not Lose It!

Summer Plans A, B and C... and D
Summer is amazing. You wait for it all year long, you plan one amazing trip (because you are poor and you have to work for a living and if you take longer they are just going to call you up and ask where you are… and probably fire you). So, you have this two-week trip and you need ideas to fill the other ten summer weeks. Oh, God... ten weeks. But here it goes:

Stuff to Do in Summer When You Are Too Poor to Travel for 3 Full Months

Try scheduling your trip later in summer

If you usually take the end of your vacation so hard that you spend a few minutes crying in the parking lot before getting back to work, then don’t check it off the list in early summer to be stuck in the office for the rest of the season with nothing to look forward to. If you cannot do this as there is only the option of extra-season for some places and it’s got to be June, then plan a couple of long weekends away to sweeten the rest of summer. You will still have something to look forward to.

Try scheduling your trip later in summer

Go out in the evenings

Do you know those annoying social media pictures of cocktails on the beach and parties? Nobody is stopping you from having a couple of cocktails in the evening. You can even ask out your co-workers. Surely, they are just as annoyed as you are with being stuck in the city, at work, while someone, somewhere, is having a great and relaxing time.

Re-discover… your home

Re-discover… your home

One good thing can come out of summer months at the office: in most industries, the work volume decreases. So, while there needs to be someone to man the desk for… not much apparently, it also means that you don’t have to work over-time. Once you are home, you can have your very own stay-cation, every day.
You know the house you bought? The one you put money into for a more comfortable life? Only to spend 12 hours a day away from it? Reclaim your territory, enjoy its comfort, the quiet and the relaxation. People look for a home-away-from-home when they travel. So, why not enjoy the real thing every once and again?

Stare blankly into the abyss

You might not believe it, but doing nothing is just as challenging as doing something. Even more so. This is what everybody is going on and on about when they talk about meditation. What better time to be alone in your mind than when everybody else is away on vacation. No more trying hard to find something to do so as not to seem lame and completely without a plan. Thinking about nothing is actually a luxury few can afford to try out. So, take advantage of the peace and quiet and do this one thing for yourself.

Throw barbecues and themed parties at the homes of your other ‘poor’ friends

Just like you, they too have student loans and a job to keep them completely grounded and tied to the office all summer long. So, ask them over, start a group, a new tradition, and every couple of days, do something interesting at someone else’s house! You get a change of scenery, when it’s your turn to host the party, you get to make a fuss about it, and you socialize. Which is the most important thing of all.

Take up some kind of sport… preferably free

You always say you will, but you never do. And since you have the time and the energy, why not invest in your body and your wellbeing. Come autumn, you might actually look fit enough that you will have the confidence to ask for a promotion and a raise. And next year you will no longer have to go looking for ideas on what to do in summer.

No weekend without a plan

Just do something. Anything. As plain as it may sound, having something to do will keep you sane. Apart from that, even if you visited everything in your home town, surely there is something new to see or to do. Or travel to a near-by location.

No weekend without a plan