Office Survival Guide for the Summer Months

Office Hours – The Real Summertime Sadness

Remember your childhood years when school ended and you had those amazing summer months all to yourself, to run around, sleep in, have wonderful adventures, and even travel if you could afford it? Well, what a terrible invention they are! They get us accustomed to the idea of having summer at our disposal for so many years, right up to your twenties if you don’t get any summer jobs. Only to knock you down when you get your first job. How the memory of bike rides in the park, eating ice cream and simply getting bored on a sunny day haunts us while we spend time caged in our cubicles.

Keeping Your Mental Health Even at Work During Your Summer Months

Yes, there will be a trip. One on which you will put all your hopes and expectations. And while you plan for it, you might actually be a pleasant person. But it will not last for three months. Consider yourself lucky if you get two weeks away. So how to you keep from becoming an ogre for the rest of summer?

Don’t flaunt your vacation plans

We know it will be difficult to keep from talking about the clear blue waters you will be bathing in next week, but think about your co-workers. You know, the people who will be taking over your tasks, answering your phone calls and doing your job while you take your yearly break to pose as a relaxed human being, all the while counting backwards the days left until you are back here, miserable, just like they are when they are listening to you.

Stay away from social media! We are warning you!
Don’t flaunt your vacation plans

Stay away from social media! We are warning you!

Only pain, grief and frustration can come of it. What is more, one of your friends is ALWAYS on some exotic trip, shamelessly relaxing, drinking or eating something good. Just don’t check your accounts at work or it will make you feel awful. Do this at home, when you are really bored or when you are afraid you have gone numb and no longer feel anything. At least your anger will serve a purpose.

Enjoy the empty office

The perks of everyone being on vacation while you are working? Well… everyone is on vacation while you are in the office. No more fighting over the AC temperature, no more having to share office space with the same suffocating number of people, no more waiting in line for the bathroom or vending machine. There is something relaxing in being able to do your job with a lot more breathing space. Enjoy it! And even encourage your more reluctant co-workers (the ones you really want to take a vacation from) to take time off.

Even your boss will go away at some point

No supervision from your boss! Unless his number 2 is worse. Then… sorry!

Summer rituals are appreciated anywhere, anytime

Talk your co-workers into taking a break and going out for ice-creams, order in with everybody and even go out for happy hours together. Everybody is just as miserable about having to be there. At least you all have a common enemy. Build a wonderful relationship from that!

Office picnics and barbecues

Unless the company plans something of the kind for you, take matters into your own hands. Half your friends and family are away, so why not take the time to get to know some of your co-workers. If you do it at home and you have limited space, you can only invite the people you actually like. It will still be fun.