Compilation of Funny Cat Videos

compilation-of-funny-cat-videosCats are loved by all and why would they not be? They are so cute and adorable. What makes a cat adorable is the fact that they are full of expressions and their expressions are funnier when they are caught in the act. Ever imagined how it would be if you have a compilation of all the funny cats around? It will be a great dose of laughter and smiles for sure. These videos made the respective owner’s day when they captured it live and make our day whenever we watch them on the internet. Some of the videos on the internet even challenge viewers that they can’t watch the whole video without laughing.

Some of the clips are daring in nature too. For instance, in one of the clips, there is a cat that is actually slapping a crocodile and the crocodile goes back in the water because of this sudden thrashing! One of the cute cats actually tried to go over its owner’s head and shoulder, and tried to pull out his t-shirt in order to avoid “bath time”. But finally, the owner managed to put the furry cat in the water which of course made all the fur wet and the cat definitely looked sad.

Cats massaging cats is normal but what about cats massaging dogs! A cat standing literally on its hind legs only to sway away the blow dry air coming in the face. It looks like this cat is fighting with an invisible villain. One clip shows a furry cat with a straight tail (defying gravity) jumping around suddenly like something is attacking it.

Laughter is the best medicine and we all know it. These videos are definitely treating people in a better way. Money is cat’s favorite too and you will believe it when you will see a cat refusing to give away a currency note. No wonder cats rule the hearts of people!