The Grumpy Cat

the-grumpy-catViral sensation in the world of cats is Tardar Sauce – The Grumpy Cat. Her owners started posting many pictures and videos of their pet on the internet when they found how amusing its expressions were. These pictures and videos looked photoshopped to many. People explain this cat as crazy but phenomenal. Initially, people thought that these are fakes but when the owners of this cat posted videos on the internet, people had to believe the unbelievable. Her videos have been viewed millions of times by people across the globe. When you look at the cat’s face, she actually looks like a cat smiling upside down!

Grumpy cat has got her own merchandise as well in form of mugs, playing cards and tee shirts. Grumpy cat is endorsing “Friskies” as well. She has her own fan following. Even though she has been named Grumpy Cat, her owners state that she is “a sweetheart”. In an interview with GMA (Good Morning America), Grumpy Cat was invited with her owners. When asked how all this started, her owner said that he simply posted a picture of his cat on Reddit and it went viral. Post that they did series of the pictures and then videos and after that, there was no looking back.

Grumpy has got her own sponsors and each picture posted on the internet on Facebook gets up to 2000 to 3000 likes in no time. People who know Grumpy says that she is just a sweet cat named grumpy. Her pictures are used in memes across the internet and are loved by all. There is nothing unusual about this cat except the fact that she always looks like she is grumpy and that she might just put her claws in someone’s face in a moment. The only difference is that in reality, she is a sweet cat and not grumpy at all.