Taxi Bills Rs. 17.2 lakhs

nkit-jain-decided-to-go-for-a-drive-to-neemrana-fort-with-his-wifeFounder and CEO of a small company, Ankit Jain, decided to go for a drive to Neemrana Fort with his wife. He got recently married in June and a quick trip was much needed. But was it really relaxing? He was in for a shock. He had no idea about what was in it for him when he booked an Ola cab way back. He was surprised when he checked the bill because he got charged a whopping Rs. 17.2 lakhs! Yes, you read it right. When he brought this to driver’s attention, the driver was zapped too. A trip can’t cost that much for sure.

Ola, in the recent past, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Extra fare, increase in prices, abuse cases with women passengers and what not. But this was outrageous. The driver immediately contacted the support staff in Ola and they handled the situation. It was a fare mistake and the actual bill was a mere Rs. 6000. A few days back, another passenger Raththish Shekar got a bill of Rs. 9 lakhs when he traveled by Ola. They seriously need to look into their operational services and IT systems. If things like these continue then soon there will be a downfall in the number of customers choosing Ola for ride share.

Anyways, there are competitors in the market and with cases like these; competitors will get a head start when it comes to customer’s preferences. Ola started its journey with a bang but lately, some negative stories have resulted in customers looking at the competition. A road journey with a fear of what all can happen during the journey or at the time of billing is definitely not a pleasant one. Ola has to gear up if it wants to survive in the market.