LolCat Video Gone Viral

lolcat-video-gone-viralHave you ever wondered if cats are much more than just small furballs who look cute and love their owners? If not then think again. Maybe you haven’t seen the real cool and sly cats till now. Cats are mysterious, intelligent and amazingly beautiful creatures. Some owners simply love to capture funny moments through their lens but if observed correctly, you will realize that when the cat did it, it wasn’t funny at all. Let’s start with a cat hiding in the drawer and suddenly snapping on the other cat sitting right there unaware of the approaching danger. At the same time, there is a cat who is throwing things in the sliest way off the table like it is a game.

There was this one cat that was looking at a glass slipping down the table and when the owner told it to stop doing this, the cat looks at the owner and suddenly slips the glass off the table without blinking or looking anywhere but at the owner. One of the loveliest videos you will see today is looking at two cats massaging each other. They do it with so much dedication and affection that you might want to be the cat at the receiving end. Cats are funny in their own ways.

How about looking at one cat pushing the other one down the staircase when the poor little cat was just trying to check out what’s down there? It can be a funny sight for almost anyone. It is wonderful to watch cats play. So what if the play is with the house dog that in the end gets slapped by the cat! In the below video, you will find these stories taking shape and form, so watch the video and enjoy your stay at the site.