iPhone Parody Video

iphone-parody-videoThere are many people across the globe who swear by their iPhone. These people consider iPhone as a part of their life and not just a product. Some of them refuse to change to any other brand because they are addicted to their iPhone. Well, good news for all of them because iPhone 7 just got launched. At the same time, there are many who do not understand the reason why some people are so crazy about an iPhone as a brand. This parody talks about their mind set – the category two people.

Let’s start with your favorite set of headphones. Have you imagined already? Well, now throw them in the dustbin. iPhone has come up with a $160 headphones. Yes, you read it right. It’s only Apple that can actually launch something like headphones at such a price. The parody for iPhone 7 goes on saying “a person can steal your girlfriend with these ear buds. sorry the earphones”. Not to forget that these ear-pods need to be charged so that they can function. This video and the talk over are hilarious but at the same time make a lot of sense. iPhone is definitely overpriced. There were a lot of jokes going on in past few months stating that “iPhone 7 is getting launched, have you decided which kidney you will sell to buy it?”

The parody also talks about 5 hours of listening that one gets with these ear pods. The new phone comes with two cameras and the parody states “one for each of your friends”. This video talks about the main aspects of this newly launched phone in a funny way. The video goes on to talk about how apple is stating “having a water resistant phone is revolutionary” even though so many other phones already launched this feature months back.