Acrobatic Cat Video

acrobatic-cat-videoHave you ever seen an acrobatic cat? Yes, an acrobatic cat on the window trying new tricks. Cats can be funny and lovely when you observe them closely. A lot of cats if surprised mount their backs like camels and leap high in the air. It sounds normal but when you will look at a cat doing its thing, you will think of only two things and they are laughter and stomach ache. There are a lot of cat owners who post their cat’s funny videos online and these videos are not only liked and loved by all, but are also compiled in bigger videos which get millions of likes and views. There are cat superstars like “The Grumpy Cat” who is known for her grumpy face irrespective of her mood. Her expression remains the same and that is an expression of a smile upside down.

There are many YouTube channels that compile videos on the internet and showcase them so that people can enjoy the naughtier and funnier side of cats. Imagine the fun in watching a cat who loves to slide in the boxes. So there is one cat who loves to roam around in the house. That is pretty normal but have you seen a cat who loves to roam around in the house with a paper bag on its head. Well, yes there is one. And there might be more of such kinds! Crazy and funny are the words that describe these cats the most.

Dogs wagging tails is one thing that almost everyone knows about. Even if you don’t own a dog you would know that dogs wag their tails when they are happy or excited. Have you ever seen a cat wagging her tongue continuously? Yes, wagging the tongue with no expression on the face at all. Watch the video for many more such cats and funny clips.