Cute Kitten Meme

cute-kitten-memeThere are days not so bright and not so cheerful. On such days, one can try watching lolcat videos. No one can express emotions in a funnier way than cats. Ever seen a monorail cat? Check out this video and you would know what it actually looks like! Cats can show expressions of anger, sarcasm, and innocence in the best way possible. The best thing about these pictures is that they have humor in it and that too in a very innocent way. Most of them have got caption written in wrong English though!

Whether a cat riding an invisible bike, or be it a cat fighting, these cat pictures can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Such cat pictures are actually called lolcat. LOL means laughing out loud and hence the name is lolcat which means pictures of cats which make people laugh. Individuals submit these pictures often taken of their own pet cats and post comments on them.

The idea is to make them look funny and use as a meme. There are many websites on the internet that are just posting memes and specifically lolcat images. Being one of the most popular things currently on the internet, these are widely loved by all people across the globe. Imagine a cute fur-ball like a cat asking you with innocence in its eyes if it is a cheeseburger.

As per lolcat images, there is a new day in the calendar and it is called Caturday. This is very dear to the cats and lot of images are doing rounds on the internet around the concept of Caturdays. Most of the times, these pictures are not planned pictures and taken just in a casual way. However, when later one looks at them they look very funny and with a slogan, they become even funnier.