Dakota – The Bearded Lady

dakota-the-bearded-ladyWhen we talk about a lady, we talk about elegance, beauty, compassion, kindness and all other things that show softer aspect of a woman. Have you ever heard about a lady who is brazen, not soft-skinned, got hair on arms and legs or of all the things imaginable, got a beard? Well, Dakota is the bearded lady. She has got all that a lady has except that she has got a beard. Is she ashamed of it? Well, the answer is no. She is, in fact, happy about the way she is and she is not confining herself to a room. She is going out, meeting people and trying to lead a normal life. Her family and friends support her decision of not going for measures to remove the facial hair she has got. She wants to live with her identity no matter how unique it is.

Recently she participated in a beard competition. Needless to say that she was the only woman competing in that competition. Of course, the act was not to win but just to be out there. She got her beard when she was a young 13-year-old girl due to an adrenal condition. It was only two years back that she decided to stop shaving her face. When she participated in the competition and her name was announced, she was happy to flaunt her beard and the crowd gave her cheering welcome.

She didn’t win that competition but she surely won a lot of hearts that day by being just herself. She posed like a proud lady and gave an opportunity to all the judges to have a good look at her beard too. She comes across a lot of people gaping or gawking at her but she is fine with all those looks.

Video – https://youtu.be/2UN260B34kY