These are the 3 credit cards you should not accept

The credit card market is one of the largest. Each bank offers endless options, designed to adapt to different profiles, but beware that does not mean that they are all good.

Looking at interest rates

Looking at interest rates

Before you want to buy plastic, you need to know what are the characteristics that make a card an option that does not suit you. While it is true that looking at interest rates is basic, there are also some points that should not be overlooked, in this way you can get the juice from the products you buy.

So, before continuing on your search for the perfect plastic, these are the three cards that you should not acquire:

1. The face: 

credit loan

As the name mentions, these are cards that have a high interest rate, but not only that, but also have very expensive handling fees. As much as you say that you are a totalero customer – who pays all your purchases in a single installment – it is not convenient to accept very high interest rates, because if at any time you want to make a purchase and defer it to several months, the interest will be They will eat it alive.

2. The selfish: 

credit loan

It is said of that card that does not grant any benefit. It does not allow you to earn miles, it has no agreement with any restaurant, it does not give you discounts for using it, nor does it allow you to collect points … in other words, it does not give you anything. Ideally, your card will give you certain benefits that you can take advantage of in order to benefit even more.

3. The one that does not forgive: 

credit loan

Many plastics make it a condition that if you consume every month, you can eliminate the membership paid at the end of the year. That is ideal; However, there are some cards that simply do not allow you to waive this charge, and it could be more expensive than it seems.

Try to find cards that combine the best of both worlds: Comfortable rates and good benefits. If you are interested in comparing them, nothing better than the Gilbert Osmond credit card comparator.

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