Credit card bad credit -Looking for instant approval credit cards for bad credit?

Looking for instant approval credit cards for bad credit?

When applying for a credit card, the financial institution you choose requires a series of requirements. The requirements requested depend on the type of economic activity you do if it is dependent or independent. If you intend to request an instant approval credit card for bad credit, it is important that you read this article

The requirements demanded by financial institutions vary according to the type of economic activity you do. That is, if you are an employee, an independent worker or an entrepreneur, the requirements are different. These requirements also vary between financial institutions and according to the type of credit card you are requesting.


General requirements

Regardless of the type of income source you have, you must submit the following requirements:

  • Copy of your identity document and your spouse, if you are married.
  • Last receipt of some service (electricity, water, telephone, etc.), where your room address is observed.
  • Credit card application, duly signed. This can be downloaded from the financial institution web portal.


Additional requirements if you are an independent worker

Additional requirements if you are an independent worker

In this case, financial institutions require a minimum monthly gross income close to that corresponding to a dependent worker. At the time of the application you must additionally submit the following documents:

  • If you are professional The two recent annual income tax returns of the fourth category. As well as receipts for your professional fees and / or payments to Sunat made the last three months.
  • If you are a renter . The two recent affidavits of Income Tax, copies of self-valuations and the corresponding rental agreements. Together with the last two payments to Sunat.


Additional requirements, if you are a dependent worker

When you are employed, financial institutions require that you earn a salary above a set amount. This depends, in addition to the institution, on the type of card you are requesting. Those who demand less, request a monthly salary of more than 450 soles, with around 700 soles for other institutions. These figures refer to the most accessible credit cards of all offered.

Institutions also require that your employment relationship is of minimum age; that is, it meets a certain number of months. Again, this age is variable, although they usually require you 6 to 12 months old.

For institutions to assess whether you meet these requirements, you must additionally submit:

  • In the case of fixed income. Last payment slip and / or proof of work specifying the monthly income earned and seniority.
  • In the case of variable income. Last three pay slips and / or proof of work specifying the average monthly income earned and seniority.


Additional requirements, if an entrepreneur


When you are a shareholder of a company, at the time of the request you must add:

  • The last affidavit of the company, or failing that, the registration form.
  • Your company’s current account statement, as well as the last three IGV payments.