Characteristics of a credit card

characteristics of credit card

If you are a new cardholder, you should know in detail the characteristics of a credit card. This way you will be familiar with its elements, and their respective functions. In this article you can know what these characteristics are.

A credit card is an identification card that gives you access to a line of credit. This card is accepted as a means of payment in all establishments that are affiliated with this system.

The main features of a credit card are the ones you can see below.


Materials and dimensions of a credit card

Materials and dimensions of a credit card

Credit cards have a worldwide recognized standard design, given by ISO / IEC 7810 ID-1. Its dimensions are 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (33/8 inch × 21/8 inch). Then, its size is similar to that of a debit card or identification card.

They are made of resistant plastic, and contain other materials in their security elements (chip and magnetic stripe). Due to the material used in credit cards and similar ones, they are also called plastic money.


Characteristics of a credit card at the design level

Characteristics of a credit card

Financial institutions issue credit cards acting as franchises of international brands. Therefore, they are identified both by the brand and by the institution.

The design of the credit card is varied, even within the same type of card and franchise. There are standard designs of credit card, as well as other very particular ones that identify some special conditions.

Among the characteristics of a credit card is that in standard designs, the background color is significant. This color indicates the type or category of card within the franchise.

On the other side, the card has a security chip, which for greater security contains your data encrypted. Also in relief you can see the card number, and the issuance and expiration dates. Your name is also printed on the back, although in flat print.

On the back or back the card has a magnetic stripe, and the CVV or security code is printed. The CVV is a three-digit code that is used, among other operations, in online payments.