Credit card bad credit -Looking for instant approval credit cards for bad credit?

Looking for instant approval credit cards for bad credit? When applying for a credit card, the financial institution you choose requires a series of requirements. The requirements requested depend on the type of economic activity you do if it is dependent or independent. If you intend to request an instant approval credit card for bad credit, it is […]

Borrower Insurance Change: What are the Dates to Remember

Since January 1, 2018, the loan insurance change is allowed each year under the amendment Bourquin. For French people holding a mortgage, this legislative development can save several thousand euros, especially if the credit is relatively recent.   Annual termination of the insurance of a home loan In principle, the change occurs on the anniversary […]

These are the 3 credit cards you should not accept

The credit card market is one of the largest. Each bank offers endless options, designed to adapt to different profiles, but beware that does not mean that they are all good. Looking at interest rates Before you want to buy plastic, you need to know what are the characteristics that make a card an option […]